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by Dichroics

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"t-PARTY TIME TRAVELER" Don't need kindness from strangers Or thick government Just some military elite To tap the old dark wilderness And some Navabros to dig us big nugs of uranium I'll keep em in the back of my shed Uraninite Rails and steel More magic fossils From the boiler of hell Yeah, we'll chip through the permafrost To my oil plantation And track the Apache Kid with my LCD I'll pledge my sacred honor to the wagon master To the homestead in the wide-open range C'mon c'mon ride with me back to 1773 Parking will be difficult But let's roll Right after suppertime Hello? Hello?. . . Anybody hear me?. . .
“GIVE MY SHINGUARDS TO BRO0DWAY” Broadway I think I saw it on late-night TV Skanky diagonal Indian trails with the Bowery Broadway Kickline syphillis variety Didn’t pomade sludge from Collect Pond flood that alley? “Gay White Way”? Ah yeah, that strip where the graftsmen range Barkers, newsboys, hot-corn girls Yeah, they all deal mange Let’s cross the Bowery Through the cracks of a sportsmen’s saloon Animatronic tonic, helium croons Back at the Bowery Toss your chicken bones from the balcony Skeezy ‘n’ Greezy bone Oblivian there For, like, a threepenny Like a crawdad hole in the gaslight Broadway, Bro0dway Give my shinguards to Bro0dway!
"FREEBASE THE FEBREEZE" I'll take a urinal disc With some midtown gravy And caramelized voyagers smudge from Canal Street New Car Smell Trees in the mirror 'N' clouds of molten babydoll plastic over Newtown Creek I'm watchin old Wolf Blitzer With a white wine spritzer Freebasin' Febreeze Till I can't feel my knees Plug it in, plug it in, plug it in! Roll out the benzene carpet And a Lysol chaser Cut another round of silica dust for the table Take me, Asthma Alley I need some electric company And gimme screen-light flu Crispy creme, baptize me I'll take a sulfite speedball Hold the fiber Frack another puff of sheetrock gas from my trailer More PVC, son More DEET, dawg Freebase the Febreeze Gimme the 'Sease
Lottery Rose 02:55
"LOTTERY ROSE" So, you think if you turn up the music that loud I'll buy more drinks? And not get hoarse? Wake up, Dotty I'm a big star now I got a lottery rose I'm in the clouds In my chester drawers In my chester drawer-ers Concrete and liquor stores In your chester drawers "G" is for "ghost" "G" is for "ghetto" I dance with the demons there, in my chester drawers
"PIE-EYED PIPER, JET-BLACK PLAGUE" Step right up, it's the pie-eyed piper You better call him "Mister" He takes out rats like an old pit viper Pay your dues to the pie-eyed piper He's more than a garbage man The last time i saw the piper He was way on the outskirts of Hamelin, headed East On top of Koppelberg Hill Back in, like, 1268 He had whole crew of rug-rats taggin' along Orpans 'n' bastards Now where'd everybody go? { { {<<< . . . >>> } } } Yeah, it's good to be alive I'm cool, everybody Real estate's never been this cheap I guess the next town's gonna get the 'Sease While all the children eat raspberries Steppin' out with the Pie-Eyed Piper Respect! In the cave with the old pit vipers
iPod Suicide 02:29
"STONE SATELLITE" September brambles Need August light Solar plasma healin Coronal shambles Red, green, blue—out of white Color capital Stone Satellite Photosynthesis Strangled up in grapevines Maximillion sunflower seeds Coronal mass ejection 4 billion years young 3 million–kelvin cascade Hello, ray of the dead Do ya copy? Drop me a lil' crumb of sun tartare 'N' burn my ashes up clean Dear face of the heavens I'm just a two-bit prism Cattail pollen, twist me!
"CORPORATE WOODS PERFUME" Corporate Woods Corporate Woods perfume The scent of the axe woman Clear-cuttin' in the conference room Indian Creek Indian Creek Racquet Club Name the creek after them Any old tribe will do Corporate Woods Corporate Woods Racket Club A hot box of floppy discs In a grey LeBaron coupe Indian Creek Indian Creek Perfume . . .


Recorded live to cassette four-track at Strand Lanes, Astoria, NY

Vocals and additional tracks recorded by Jason Loewenstein on the Jakerock Mobile Unit
in kitchens and living rooms

Mixed and produced by Dichroics and Jason Loewenstein

Mastered on the East River by Joe Lambert/JLM, Brooklyn, NY

Album art by Dichroics


released September 10, 2011

Seth Abrames
drums, percussion, larynx

Charlie Hines
bass, larynx

Darin Mickey
guitars, theremin, loops

Bryan Zimmerman
vocals, samples, lyrics


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Dichroics New York, New York

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